Welcome to Thor’s Hearth! This is a site for men. Here, we let go of pretense and fake, socially constructed facades in order to explore what is means to be a man with fire in your heart!

What We Do

We draw upon tools from a wide range our sources to help men become themselves – men! Unfortunately, most men don’t allow themselves the distinct pleasure of simply being a genuine male. All that changes at Thor’s Hearth. Here, it’s OK to be a man. And we’ll help you live up to your full male potential.


A site for men, run by men, with special thanks to the iNLP Center for needed training and resources. Thor’s Hearth is an educational site. Nothing is for sale here, but you will find invaluable articles on a wide variety of men’s issues.


Do Real Men Get Hypnosis?

You’re a man’s man and someone recommends hypnosis as a cure for something that ails you? Do you jump at the chance? All else being equal, OF COURSE you’d consider getting hypnosis from someone a certified hypnotherapist who is properly trained. Here are three reasons why: Reason #1. Hypnosis expands your mind. During a hypnosis …


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