Who Are You? Take this Self Awareness Test to Find Out

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What does it mean to know yourself? How do you know if you know yourself? How do you know what you don’t know? Hopefully, this self awareness test will give you a clue.

What is self-awareness?

According to Dictionary.com, self awareness is the state or condition of being aware; having knowledge; consciousness as related to self.

So, how do we acquire this knowledge or consciousness of self?

There are really only two ways we can do this. One, by trying to really see ourselves. Two, by asking others about ourselves.

The thing to remember is that other’s views of us can be influenced by their experiences with themselves. So, we really have to first know ourselves in order to determine the validity of other’s experiences of us.

What type of things should you look for when examining yourself?

Most of the time, we go through the day acting and reacting to thoughts and events. How often do we stop to think about how or why we act or react? Or, questions where our thoughts come from? This is the beginning of becoming more self-aware.

Now, if we don’t know where our actions and reactions are rooted from, how we expect to make good, grounded decisions or relationships with others?

So, the goal is to examine ourselves. The self awareness test will tell you how self-aware you and what you need to work on.

Where do our thoughts and actions come from? Here are some clues:

The usual… Parents.

The influence our parents or primary caregivers have on us is quite extreme. From such an early age, it is their opinions that form how we see ourselves and other. What they believe becomes the norm and other’s opinions are competing.

Take the 2016 election as an example. My kids come home each day and tell me what their friends believe about the candidates. I ask them where their friends got that information and they say their parents. Based on what their parents tell them will have a large effect on how they see the world and the way they see others.

Most kids do not have the self-awareness of self-awareness to even question their resulting thoughts and personal opinions. Then, as they move into adulthood, generally don’t find a need to think deeply about themselves until the shit hits the fan. Then, maybe.

Personal Paradigm

You personal paradigm is the way you see the world. This, as mentioned above, can be directed related to your parental influence – good or bad.

If you had a great relationship with your parents, you may have adopted their views. If you have a bad one, you may have rebelled against their beliefs. Either way, your personal paradigm is related to theirs.

Becoming more self-aware will allow you to know why you have the personal paradigm you do. To develop this awareness, you look into your world view and trace it, like genealogy, to where your opinions came from. That would allow you them to either reject them or embrace them… on purpose. Otherwise, you are thoughtlessly following, like a sheep.

This now takes us into…

Life Values

What and why are your values? And, do you walk your talk or are you a hypocrite? Generally, when we have a thoughtless or unintentional personal paradigm we aren’t passionate about it. We don’t put 100% in backing up our values. We might go through the motions of keeping that value because we have to. But, maybe not because we actually want to. That’s the difference.

By increasing your self-awareness through this awareness test, you may begin to notice that you are blinding following the heard, and you really don’t know why you have the values you do. Taking a personal inventory of the what’s and why’s of your values is essential to deeper self-awareness.


When you aren’t self-aware, you often self-sabotage. You sabotage yourself because you aren’t aware of what your deeper needs truly are. Instead, the current below the surface is guiding your life and making your decisions instead of the conscious you.

Self-sabotage is possibly the worst result of a lack of self-awareness. No matter how much you think you know what you’re doing, as long as you have not looked below the surface you will get the opposite thing of what you truly want. For more information, watch this ending self-sabotage video.

Finally, let’s get to the self awareness test.

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