There’s More to a Nagging Wife than Meets the Eye

nagging wife

Got a nagging wife? Let’s dig in.

First, let me say that I am a highly trained professional.

Beyond that, I train professional therapists and coaches for a living. If you feel yourself discounting the truth in this post, you can know that you’re probably dead wrong and in denial:)

I’m not here to defend your nagging wife. You need to look at the big picture before you can know what to do. So, open your mind.

With that, let’s figure out how to deal with a wife who is a nag.

What should you do with your nagging wife?

We shouldn’t even begin to consider the options until we diagnose the real problem. There’s more to a nagging wife than you might think.

No putting the cart before the horse. A nagging wife is an opportunity to learn something new about yourself and her. If you’re open-minded, the insight you gain might blow your mind.

What could be causing her to nag?

Several things.

1. She could just be a controlling bitch…

….who will never be satisfied no matter what you do. This is the one most men love to think about, right? It’s almost never true. Inside that nagging wife, there’s more going on than pure bitchy-ness. Drop this one. You can come back to it later if you need to (after the experiment below).

2. You could be a lazy ass…

Honestly, where men are concerned, this one is true more of the time. You’re a lazy, entitled, man-child who needs a mother more than a wife. She feels like if she doesn’t remind you constantly, you won’t get anything done and she’s probably got plenty of evidence to justify her case.

You don’t like the possibility that you’re simply not pulling your weight around the house. You don’t like it because you know it’s true.

Now, nagging is not the best way for her to deal with your lazy butt, yet it’s what she knows how to do. Your nagging wife is dealing with her lazy ass husband the only way she knows how.

What’s the solution? Get off your butt, keep your agreements, pull your weight around the house (and stop claiming that the money you make is your half of the deal). If on top of being lazy around the house, you don’t make any money, then I’ve lost interest in you completely. You’ve got too much growing up to do.

3. You could have a love strategy problem.

This is a term from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). It means that the way you give love and the way she receives love are not syncing. No room to explain it all here. To put it in a nutshell:

Visual lovers show.
Auditory lovers tell.
Kinesthetic lovers touch.

Show. Tell. Touch. Three ways to give and receive love. You’re giving her love your way. She needs it her way. And vise-verse. Gotta clear all that up. Do some more research into NLP love strategies.

Try this experiment…

For a period of time (I won’t prescribe the number of days because you won’t follow it anyway) just conclude that you – as a mature man – need to get your act together. Be proactive in pulling your weight around the house – or in doing whatever the hell she’s nagging about.

And….remember: show, tell, and touch. If she needs to see it, show it! If she needs to hear it, say it! If she needs to be touch, then by god touch her!

And don’t do this half-assed. Be a man. Be respectful. Put in your best effort. In 90/100 cases, the nagging wife transforms into a pleasant soul who appreciates you.

If she doesn’t then only you can decide if she’s just a bitch and that’s all there is to it. You’re not qualified to make that call until you’ve paid your dues, however.

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