About Those Men Who Use NLP to Manipulate Women

Men Manipulating Women with NLP

People lie all the time. We lie to those who are trying to help us. Hell, we even pay people to help us and then lie to them.

They’re cowards, not men.

According to the iNLP Center, NLP or neuro-linguistic programming is a set of skills used by coaches, consultants, and therapists to help people overcome obstacles and get what they want.

NLP is a very useful set of communication skills, revealing patterns and nuances in our non-verbal communication that happen to be powerful influencers. It’s great stuff. Because NLP is primarily focused on non-conscious communication, it’s power to influence often goes undetected by casual observers.

Enter the NLP-trained men who use NLP communication skills to get women to give them what they want – mostly sex. These men are NOT NLP practitioners. They’re first and foremost liars and manipulators. It doesn’t matter which skill a manipulator uses. It’s still manipulation.

Why do men use NLP to manipulate women?

It’s clearer to ask why men feel a need to manipulate women in the first place. Why spend time learning neuro-linguistic programming techniques to manipulate unsuspecting women when you don’t need to be manipulative in the first place?

And here’s the rub. These particular men are so insecure that they believe they only way to get a woman to cooperate is by tricking her. In their minds, the men that they are is not enough. It’s basic low self-esteem, coupled with the desire to cheat their way into a woman’s heart (but mostly her bed).

In other words, they don’t know that they are enough as a man all by themselves. They naively believe they need some magic potion with which to woo women. And here’s the real tragedy. Sometimes it works. Now, they’re really stuck, if they have a caring bone in their body. They just tricked a woman into bed. Now what? If the relationship continues, how do they keep up their scam? Are they going to hide behind NLP techniques forever?

When will the real man (or wimp) emerge?


And if you’re one of these cowardly men who think you need to manipulate women with NLP, you know this! Before long, your true nature will emerge, sooner or later (probably sooner) and you’ll be exposed as the dork you are. And she’ll lose interest, right? You’re stuck.

NLP to manipulate women  – or is there a better route?

There’s a better route. It’s called really becoming a genuine man, confident in who you are (and not looking up to that sleazy pick-up artist who taught you the promised ninja moves to get women into bed).

Just knock it off. At best, tricking women is a short-sighted, short-lived, unfulfilling, scummy move to make. Worse, it’s not who you are. Every time you try out those NLP moves on a woman, there will be fear lurking in the background of your soul. Why? Because you know this isn’t you.

A real man is in the process of ever-becoming himself, genuine and real. And by the way, in my experience, this is what women find most attractive.

What are you afraid of?

honesty men women nlp manipulation

Uh oh. Now we’re venturing into touchy-feely territory. Intimacy. When you’re honest – when you’re just being yourself, you give people a chance to know you – the real you. This is the start of intimacy. You’ll be seen for who you are and therefore get the chance for a real connection.

And that’s what men who manipulate women are most afraid of. They want the physical rewards, perhaps a stroke to their fragile ego, but not a real connection. A real connection implies responsibility, most notably the obligation to step up and be a man.

We can sum up men who manipulate women to tools like NLP as, not real men, but scared little boys who’d rather hide behind manipulation tactics to gratify their adolescent desire for sex than to grow up. The bad news for them is that you can’t hide for long.

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